Main character animation problems [SOLVED]

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  • Hi everyone! Search engine told me that words like "animation", "bug" or "problem" are too common and searching manually through more than 200 pages is too complicated for me So that's why I'm posting this topic.

    Currently I'm working on a adventure/platformer game and have encountered few problems with animations of main character such as:

    • when character is crouched and starts to slide, sometimes animation doesn't reset to "idle" or "walk" properly. The same situation is with shooting animations.
    • I don't know how to make "grab" animation work properly. I tried few methods but it either freezes at first frame or loops. I want it to work similar to "walk" animation.

    Here is a link for .cap file

    Please help me with debug. I will appreciate your help greatly guys! Modify my .cap if you want. It will help me to understand my mistakes and improve further.

    PS: Sorry if my English is bad I'm from Ukraine you know

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  • Well I made it myself. Only one proplem left - pushing animation. It doesn't reset properly...

  • It is working properly now. This problem was a usefull experience I must admit.

  • Can you describe how you fixed the problem? What was the cause?

  • Problem with pushing animation was a Construct bug under Windows 7 I think. I've just put inverted events and it worked! However now I'm using XP, so maybe that was the reason

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