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  • Hi again me, i have again problem with Magic cam.

    I have scroller space shooter and i have long level, but here does not work shake camera. How to? Pls help and post me example please. /the screen following player)

    Ty for help.

  • Sorry Raiper341, I'm not sure what you're trying to do.

    Do you mean you want to know how to make the screen follow the player as he moves along the level? Or do you mean you want the screen to shake when the player is hit by an enemy or collides with an object? Or something else entirely?

  • Here is cap :

    where is fail?

  • ENG

    • Click on the Sprite and in the Groups - Attributes - tick off the "Center view on me"
    • In the action of the first event set: "Start X" to "Sprite.X" and "Start Y" to "Sprite.Y", so you can actually see the effect.
    • And you'll probably want to change also the action of the second event. Now, the "shake" Duration is 100ms and Drop Off 1000ms when it makes more sense if it's the other way around.


    U Sprite si od?krtni "Center view on me". Bije se to s MagiCam, proto?e jsi mu nastavil aby se obraz vycentroval na pozici 640,480 a z?rove? se Construct sna?? vycentrovat na st?ed Spritu. Pak nastav kameru na ten Sprite, abys vid?l co to d?l? a je?t? si asi zm?? d?lku a a ?as od kdy za?ne ten ot?es kamery sl?bnout.

    Nap?. Duration = 1000ms a Drop Off = 500ms

    Ot?es bude trvat jednu sekundu, po p?l sekund? za?ne sl?bnout.

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  • Thx but problem again, when i tick off centre of wiev screen does not follow object and by magic cam does not wokrk ti :/ or i do not know how to, i set following but does not follow

  • MagiCam comes with numerous examples, surely you'll find what you need in one of them.

  • I solved it thx :)

    I have to setup following

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