Loop sound problem.

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  • Hi.

    I have the problem of the sound looping.

    What I want is to play a sound when player keep pressing C key, and the sound should be looping UNTIL the player release the C key. The problem is that if I play the sound in loop, it keeps in loop forever, there is no way to stop it. Playing the sound in a channel and then stop it won't work because that ruins all of my sounds.

    Is there a way to fix that?

    Thank you!,


  • Although it may not be optimal, playing the sound in a channel of its own should work.

    Edit: here's a .cap showing this. Press "space" to play a shooting sound. When you release space, it stops the sound, but those in the background do not stop playing.

    You might want to turn the sound down, because the ones in the background could be quite annoying. Just sayin'.

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  • Thank you, I've solved the problem. I loaded the first sound in channel 5, then stoped the channel 5 and started the channel 6 in a loop, then when the player release C, channel 6 is stopped.

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