Looking for Some Options on CC/C2... for My Future

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  • Looking for Some Options on CC/C2... for My Future

    Just some opinions if I could grab them base don some ideas on where to go right now.

    I started a space shooter game for my final project for my bachelors in science for game and simulation programming (which I passed [got to get and reply to those past posts too]). Things have been crazy here as I was just laid off too that same week, after fifteen years. So, looking for a new job now, and time to try and put my degree to use.

    Sorry for the rambles. Anyway, I am going between in continuing to make my space shooter in CC or manually copy things once by one (since there is no conversion) into C2. My other idea was keep doing the space in CC and do a, say RPG, in C2. All this though, in hopes that the free version of C2 will still be fully functional and feature exact as C2 for commercial use (I do not plan to sell my games, etc. Just for me they are). I am also assuming that a game in C2 free would easily be ported to C2 commercial if someone did want to sell the game (just my assumption). Maybe CC is all I will ever be able to do since money is not an option for me (or ever was).

    From what I understand, CC will still be maintained and updated by the community only (will the live update work or updates will be posted somewhere) while C2 will be done strictly my Scirra.

    Any thoughts anyone would like to chime in for me to through in my Bag of Considerations?

    Heh, thanks, all.

  • Nothing is written in the stone as of yet ^^

    What I mean is that scirra hasn't released any definitive information concerning the license type that they will use. From what I remember from some of Ash's (or Tom's) posts, the free version shouldn't contain limitations towards the features of C2. They should propose "heavy" commercial license as well as an indy license with a much reasonable fee. (Again no definitive informations around, so all talk is opinion and speculation at the moment).

    Concerning the "should I move to C2" question, it is all about the type of project.

    Be aware that C2 is far less advanced than CC feature-wise and that developpement is steady, but the TODO-list is pretty long.

    Here are some points for your bag of considerations :D

  • GsP   >>> Maybe CC is all I will ever be able to do since money is not an option for me (or ever was).

    I don't understand people that say this. Unless you are a 12 year old kid on an allowance or a poor South American native living in the jungle and eating/hunting your meals you probably do have the money.

    I'd recommend you continue to make your shooter in CC. Don't make your project too ambitious, finish it, and have something nice to show for yourself. Then you can try making another type of game in C2. By then maybe you will have even saved up the money to buy C2.

    Don't talk about it.. just start writing a game.. is the best advice.

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  • Kyatric, thank you for that info.

    scidave, I am no child and yes, I have no money. Been laid off. Money very tight. You need to understand that not everyone will even have an easy $10 or $60 to spare when there are other priorities. Unless you are rich or financially stable, money can be a rarity. I hope you can now understand a bit more.

    Thank you, both.

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