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  • Hey! So I've posted a few things here before, looking for help in my game, and I always get good results. BUT I think I would need someone I could easily turn to for questions, as I still have a lot of them.

    My game is a platformer no brainer (literally), but there's a few things I can't still figure out. I'm mostly an animator and lack the logic of a programmer lol!

    I have problems with sounds, enemy spawn points, enemy behavior, variable comparisons, etc. And sometimes, I feel that my game is always about to crash when I test it, so I don't know if I'm currently pushing it past its limits.

    I'd like to sit down with someone (through Skype or something) with a good knowledge of Construct. I'm willing to pay too! :)

    I would also take the occasion of asking your opinion about Construct 2. I think it has more potential in terms of publishing to many different platforms, but I also heard that it's still in development. Is it worth buying? Is it simpler than Construct Classic? Has it improved?

    Thanks a bunch! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • All the best for your platformer game!

    I wish I had the time (and Skype or something) to sit down and chat with you, but I definitely don't at the moment.

    It is definitely worth buying. The price has increased a few times since it first became available. I only wish I had bought it earlier! Though I did pay more than some for my copy, I do not regret a cent.

    So far I have won back more than I've spent on the license.

    Infact, I initially used the free version to create a game for a small competition and used a portion of the prize money to buy the standard license.

    So far I find C2 comes with many logically-good improvements and redesigns when compared to CC. It is still missing a lot of features which could hinder you in creating a DirectX standard graphical game or atleast make the effect you're going for harder to achieve.

  • I have my own projects right now and not so much of free time. But I can try to help you. PM me if you need something. Where can I take a look at your game btw?

  • hit me up, i'm not an expert, but maybe i can help out.


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  • ok look at your PM's, superpowerjoe :) and thanks everyone.

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