Looking for Comics Graphic Artist

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  • I want to go retro-style with my game and have the cut-scenes be as a comic strips with sounds and stuff.

    This is also why i am looking for someone talented enough to be able to draw nice comic for my game =)

    Sadly - thats charity. I am not getting any money at this point and i dont know if this will ever change. So dont expect to be diffrent.

    The game is 2D top-down arcade spacesim rpg (woah!).

    Regardless if you draw by hand, tablet or mouse - i need the comic to be colored and fair quality(so paper scans are out of the question)

    Of course credtis for it goes for you. And if we'll grow to like each other you can become our team member permanently.

    If you're interested please contact me via mail + some examples of your work


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