Locking layers

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  • Is there possibility to lock layers from event editor? I found option to hide them, but not lock.

  • Maybe you just weren't very attentive. In the layer tab, the layers are listed. Left to the layer preview there are 2 small icons and a number. The number is the layer number, tick the eye-icon to hide/show the layer and tick the lock-icon to lock/unlock the layer

  • Hehe, i know that

    My question was about locking layers from event sheet editor (as an action).

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  • Hehe, i know that

    My question was about locking layers from event sheet editor (as an action).

    Locking layers is relevant for editing the layout in Construct. Whether a layer is hidden or locked makes no difference for the runtime. So of course there's no action for it.

    What exactly are you trying to achieve? Maybe we could help out with more information at hand.

  • I have 2 layers with multiple objects on both of them.

    When i klick one of the object on layer 1 (button) it activates objects on layer 2 and locks all objects on layer 1, but they should be still visible.

    Objects on layer 1 can be unlocked by klicking objedt on layer 2.

    By locking all objects i mean that they can't be klicked, while locked.

  • You do not need locking a layer to do that what you need.

    Solution one of many:

    Create 'Group1' and 'Group2' for events for objects you want to activate/deactivate.

    On startup enable Group1 and disable Group2. On click on object from Group1 deactivate Group1 and activate Group2 and vice versa.

    You can also use families and for each objects and many many more ways to do it. It depends what you are really trying to do so it fits your way best.

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