Loading other layouts while in a layout?

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  • So I've come to a situation where it appears that the size of certain graphic objects is causing some pausing between layouts. For example:

    Layout 1: normal image sizes, not very large, runs smooth

    going to...

    Layout 2: has larger image sizes and there is a pause/delay between the animated object in layout 2 showing visible, and the object beginning its animation sequence.

    I haven't run this as an .exe, but I can see in debug that it's a matter of the new layout object taking too long to load.

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  • Would the "Load/Unload" Textures action be useful for this? Like:

    -Layout 2 has a bunch of objects/animations that need to be loaded, so...

    -I make Layout 1 a loading screen, set it for a number of seconds, make it countdown, and when it's finished I make the game jump to Layout 2?

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