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  • Hi all,

    I was wondering just how moddable you could make a Construct game. Couldn't find much info on this topic - I was curious how much work it'd take to do do the following:

    1. Store levels as external data files and load them at runtime - more than likely just simple tile based maps, setting all the relevant Construct properties that way. Is it even possible?

    2. More importantly, would it be possible to do something like in a space shooter, store different ships as data/graphics files (let's say you could have speed, acceleration, armour etc etc) then load different ones at runtime, add new ones when required rather than 'hard-coding' (for lack of a better term) directly in Construct?


  • Yes it possible.

    I used INI files to store the level setup for my last game.

    Same could be done for your ships eg:






    I think ZomgBanana's made a good example of using an INI.

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  • Thanks for the help Minor, glad to know it's possible

    I think I've found the tutorial, I'll put the link here for anyone who might want the same info


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