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  • hi boys!

    I want to make a real loading for my to do?

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  • This way. Press 1, 2 or 3 to switch layouts. The layouts are nearly empty so the change of layout is instant but if you have multiple objects the loading works exactly as you'd expect it to; once the layout loading is finished it'll change layouts.

    You store the name of the layout you want to jump to in a global variable. The loading screen has only one event that jumps to the layout stated by the variable. Every time you switch layouts you'll do it the same way: set the variable and jump to the loading screen layout.

  • i want a loading shows the truth of the loading process.not just for make game good looking.

  • As I said it does show the true loading process. If you fill a layout with sprites you'll definitely see the loading screen, which will disappear once the layout loads. This is exactly what it does.

    Unless you have some data loading written by you, such as a level editor, or you're fluent enough with the plugin SDK you could have a progressbar or whatnot. This however is exactly the way you do a loading screen and there's little to argue about.

  • !

    how it does work?

    i did not see anything about the truth!

    can you explain it for me?I am not so professional.

  • It works simply because the next layout won't (obviously) render at all until it's fully loaded and thus during the transition between layouts the last rendered frame of the previous layout is shown but not updated. This means that until the actual game layout is ready to start you'll see only the loading screen layout.

  • That's pretty cool, Zotged.

    Say, how would the "load/unload textures" action be worked into this equation? I've used it before, but never really noticed a true enhancement from implementing it.

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