Is there any way to load images\sounds at runtime?

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  • I would like to separate the content from the exe, is there any way to load images from a given file? (I want a big .dat file for example, with all of animations, sprites, sounds, etc.)

    I tried the zip plugin, but it looks a bit overkill to me, I mean, I have to extract-load-delete all of the files I want to use, this isn't sounds like a great method of doing this kind of stuff.

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  • As far as I know use can't use ".dat" files in construct classic, I thinks the only real option for you is Zip plugin...

    Please correct me If I am rong!

  • You mean like Encrypted .dat files or something?.I don't think there's an official way of doing this.I could be wrong though.It would have been nice if there was a separate editor to save map files for stages and some dat or whatever you want to call it encrypted files for your sprites etc...

  • I don't care much about safety, if someone want to crack it, then someone will crack it. It's simply a lot cleaner if there is one(or some) files instead of lots of folders and subfolders.

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