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  • how exactly does it work?

    I have a sprite 64x64 pixels with hotspot set to bottom, when loading file 128x128 to that sprite it always shift it down few pixels.

    and my questions are:

    • on what position of current sprite image file loads into?
    • is there a way to remove loaded file/change it to previous one?
    • could imageg be loaded to sprite from resources?
    • what about animations, via private variables?

    (if pv = 1 load file 1.jpg, if pv = 2 load file 2.jpg..., and the run them one by one every X time?)

    I'm asking becouse my current project requires loads off graphic files and I just don't want to put them inside one *.exe file in the end, so thinking logicly would be better to have external folder with all file and then just load them to the game when they are needed.

    oo btw. i noticed that 32x32 sprite with only few lines inside uses more VRAM than 128x128 image files loaded to that sprite...is that normal?


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