Little question about VRAM (kinda)

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  • So I have GV that if its 0 it destroys plasma object (if not too good PC) but I've been wondering that well at the very start of layout the VRAM is 80 (very large plasma and yes its needed won't work without it). And if its destroyed it lowers to around 14 in split of a second but while it's 80 and lets say someone has only 50-60 vram available it would crash? So should I invert it so that when GV is 1 it would create the plasma instead of destroying it? I first tried this but got some problems and the other one felt better option in terms of buggyness.


    Don't even dream of running this game on GPU with only 64 Vram this has min req atleast 128(256 for max performance) but just using that 50-60 as a reference (still missing most of level objects thats why it lowers to 14ish

    -Sagal out)

  • The plasma takes 66MB of RAM?! It seems like there's a problem there already. I'm sure you could achieve a similar result with something else and save the VRAM for more important things...

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  • It's 3000X3000 and if you would kindly show me how to achieve same without plasma I would be pleased. Having plasma move with player doesn't work as it's offset from the hotspot and if I shoot weapons bullet's plasma trails will go at wrong place.

    So please tell me how and I still didn't get answer for my question

  • I could be wrong as I don't know the real reason behind the size of your plasma object, but this might help

    I suppose if you needed it on a per object basis you could apply the same principle to multiple, smaller plasma objects

  • that might actually work but well if over 100 bullets require that I think it will be more intense for cpu and gpu than single large but not sure

    NVM I now checked the code and Im gonna test if it works here

  • Okay thanks I got it modified with little help from your cap and now it works nicely and only takes 10mb or something similar. Don't know why I didn't think about this way before but oh well

  • That's exactly what I was thinking when I was making it haha

    Glad I could help

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