A little help for a newbie?

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  • Hi everyone! I found this engine yesterday and i fell in love with it! Anyways on to my questions.


    I have trouble with round objects they seem to be more square then circle. I have even used the custom collision thing were you can make your own. But when they turn they act like a square. I remember something about meshes for the 2d objects. But then I read somewhere else that they don't work in the newest one. I might have been reading wrong but could some one explain about these.


    Water. What is the best way to make water? And how do get objects to float?

    Thanks for all the help in advance.

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  • 1. Isn't there elliptical collision mode? I could be wrong... not fiddled with Construct in a while.

    2. Just create an object and call it water. Then whenever another object overlaps that object, you can do all kinds of stuff to it such as making it float up, damper movement etc. I'd suggest using something like tiledbackground object (minimal texture) and an effect on top of it to simulate water (warp?).


    Sprite overlaps Water > Sprite('Oxygen') = Sprite('Oxygen') - 10 * Timedelta

  • Yea i tired the Ellipse mode but idk maybe it was something i was doing but it made the sprite go under the ground and not spin like it was colliding. Thanks! Just some more fine tinkering with the water and it should be good enough lol. Thank you for your help

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