A little help needed cleaning up my "orc" events

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  • So I've gotten this working well for the most part (player collisions aside). My current issue is bouncing the orc back when he's hit and when he dies the animation is totally flakey.

    I probably need a clean up on isle 5 here :) I have made it so the orcs spawn once you they are just outside of the screen instead of already being placed through out the level. It was causing some baddies to die at the same time as others...

    Please have a look at my Orc event sheet to see if it's not a total loss.

    Another side note, spritefont is doing a glitchy thing every 8-10 seconds I noticed. You'll see it when you run the cap.

    Thanks again guys!!

    Here the cap!


  • I had a look, and found a few solutions.

    I did the kickback by adding velocity to the opposite direction of the orc.

    The "death" animation isn't as flaky now, and the "block" animation should work better now. They use timers made with private variables.

    The text glitch was simply the sprite that the spritefonts used flashing one very large frame. Setting animation speed to 0 fixed that.


    A few observations though:

    Generally it's more efficient to build your layout with many smaller pieces instead of on large image. In your case it would at least be more efficient to use a sprite or tiledbackground instead of a canvas.

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  • Thats for the help on this!! I just got tossed to the wolves at work - tossed a huge assignment and given 5 days to get the bulk of it done. On top of another huge assignment I was already doing. I'll be able to get back to normal life in about a week and a half. But 20 hour days does bring in lots of money - meaning more time off for me to fart around with my hobbies!!

    So using sprites/tiled background vs canvas - does that free up vram or ram etc? What I'm going to build after my trial by fire black tiger game is more for my daughter and will run on a spacific machine (arcade sticks, monitor and all!). My junk computer will make up the machine and it's a quad core with 4gb of ram and a 512mb gf220 card. I'm not too worried about the resources in the long run. My little netbook runs it great (solid 60fps) and it's an atom cpu at 1.66 mhz with 1gb of ram and integrated crap gfx.

    I'll have a good look at everything first thing in the morning while I await a hard drive full of work in the mail... Good bye life LOL.

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