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  • First of all, I want to say hi to everyone! I downloaded Construct a week ago and I intend to use it for GGJ2011, problem is I seem I can't use it to its most yet...

    I'm trying to make a danmaku-like game, and for that I need three things that I don't know how to do.

    1- Have a game area (provided by a transparent png) that will not let the player sprite pass it, but I want it to pass just a part of the sprite underneath. I know I can just change the collision box, but then I will need to have 2 collision boxes, one for that and another, smaller, for hits.

    2- Make enemies fly under that area, but hit the player (I think I made this work, but just give me any ideas please).

    3- Make enemies move on a path, preferably drawing that path (or use another sprite as guide).

    Thanks in advance! n.n!

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  • 1. You can load the png into a sprite which has pixel perfect collision.

    I don't quite understand what you mean by having part of the player sprite underneath, but you can change the drawing order of sprites with "Send to Front" and "Send to back" actions.

    For multiple collision boxes you can use another invisible sprite and always set it's position to the player sprite.

    2. Change the drawing order of the enemy sprite with the "Place behind another object" action.

    Collisions can occur even when objects aren't visible.

    3. Here's a behavior that you may find useful for that:

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