Let's nail down some first-person concepts?

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  • The excellent Standard Waiver was made in Construct, and I'd like some advice on how to do a similar effect on my own. The provided source CAP no longer works. Can anyone help me understand the maths on the 3D boxes that are needed to manipulate them in the way that provides the illusion of first-person perspective? This could open a lot of doors for me if someone could help. And of course I'm sure there's others out there looking to do something similar.

  • Have you done a search of the forum? David posted his 3D engine in the upload forum, as have other people.

  • Though those engines were made with older Construct technology. Construct 99.x introduces new features, such as Z depth and sprite meshing, which should enable a powerful 3D engine. Brave souls needed to explore the new frontier.

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  • Mipey *shhh* don't make me get excited but well yeah old caps don't work... Noticed it while trying to improve my old FPS indy engine game thing... Didn't work

  • Yeah, many of those no longer work. The CAP for Standard Waiver doesn't work. I'm sure they COULD work with some tweaking, but I was asking for a simple explanation of the basic concepts or maths, so that I could know how exactly to do that.

    EDIT: Game Maker uses a function called d3d_set_projection in their scripting language to contribute to this effect. I've done some research on this and it looks like changing projection matrices would be a great way to get this effect, is this something that could possibly be created as a System action or plugin or something, since projection matrix transformation is a feature of Direct3d?

  • Well I can try and find my indy 3d cap if you want it should open but it doesn't run anymore like it should so don't know if that's any help

  • WOW! That game was GREAT!!! Cant believe i haven't heard of it before, How the hell did he do that!

    Anyways, the .cap works for me. Just look at it closely and try to figure it out.

  • OMG Radix's Standard Waiver is amazing!! So freaky....I can't believe I never heard of it before either. We need a list of "Best games in Construct" or something.

  • Here's my only first person view thing i've done: http://www.mediafire.com/?orxmmynuzxn

    Controls WASD and R to reload mouse1 to shoot

    PS I know turnin is akward and its a bit weird game but well im happy:)

    I used one 3d engine as base (so not fully own work but I kinda only copied code to make everything right size and then with help of some guys in chat I got that made)

  • Updating it for the z-depth change is trivial but AFAIK support for 3Dbox pitch/yaw is currently broken, so I don't know if the effect is possible in the current build. (Mediafire's blocked in China and doesn't work over TOR so I can't see the above file.)

    This problem is also why I can't work on my Zelda thingy anymore. Thinking of using this as an excuse to try out Unity, so that might be a good thing.

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