can you lend me a hand ? "DEBUG"

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    Hi this really bug me.

    Balance Layout:

    challenge text = 1 answer required, =2 ans required, =3 ans requierd

    ans text = current answered

    LRB text = 1 = make left side heavier

               2 = make right side heaiver

               3 = balance the seesaw

    Objective Group:

       1. the bug is in the objective group there are times it adds more than 1 pts to ans.

    Memory Layout

    Answer Group:

    1. There are times when the system is creating an object it does not go to the location I assigned.

    2. Question: {"me","you","we"} im not sure about this but is index0="me" index1="you" index2="we" ? then this is the right syntax {"me","you","we"}@random(2) ? because random(2) = 0,1,2 elements becuase the array contains 3 elements.

    Im still debugging this but I need to move on on this part.

    THANK YOU :)

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  • Arrays in Construct Classic are one based so the correct syntax would be:


    because random(3)=0,1,2

    I'm not sure if that fixes your issue but it should help.

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