Ledge climbing and hanging and am i over complicating this?

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  • Thanks again for the help provided so far, it has been a blessing.

    I have another question, currently i plan to do ledge climbing like so

    Create an invisible sprite that when touched disables the players normal jump replacing it with an animation what is not affected by gravity, where the player jumps off the ground and climbs up a ledge.

    Now on construct, collision is handled per pixel but the physics engine is box2D(as far as i understand), so if i set the player platforms gravity to -1 will this make it static for the course of the animation?

    Another concern, am i making this too complicated? Is there a simpler way and/or a plugin that will do the dirty work for me?

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  • This might not be exactly what your looking for , but might give you some idea's . Any way can't hurt to look !

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