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  • I'm attempting to move between layouts in a basic platform game. However, when I try to go to one level from another all of the objects from the first level transition over as well, causing overlap and thus confusion. My suspicion is that they do this because they're global objects, but I need them to be so that I don't have to create new ones in every room. Is there some setting that I'm not checking off so that this doesn't happen?

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  • It is indeed global objects that is causing such a problem.

    What I would do (IF and only IF you need them global) is check the attribute "Destroy on Start", and create spawn sprites that create said objects where you want them on the loading of the layout (think of Platform School, and the way that the enemies are handled in a similar way).

    What I would actually do though:

    Create an Include Sheet for the objects you want to continually use, then just manually copy and paste them from layout to layout.

    (to add an include sheet, first right-click on the event sheets folder in the Projects Tab, and add a new one. Then, in the event sheet editor, right-click on the event sheet editor, to add one)

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