Layout 1 to Layout 2 transition problem

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  • I am currently in the process of making my first game. It is a side-scroller and I am trying to move my player from Layout 1 to Layout 2. I am able to do this. I have made the sprite global, etc. etc. However, when I leave Layout 1, the screen displays only the part of Layout 2 that is farthest to the right. I have the "Center on me" box checked for my player sprite. I do not have that box checked for any other sprite in Layout 2. I am not able to ever see the left side of the layout when I run the program. When I am in the first layout I am always able to move from place to place with the character in the center, but in the second I am only able to see one patch of the layout and the camera is not centered on my player sprite. I apologize for reiterating the same thing over and over. I am just having a hard time articulating what the issue is because I am very new to this and not very computer savy at all. Thank you in advance

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  • Making a object global carries it to each layout after the first layout it's in (That is, if you put a global object in layout 2, it appears in layouts 2, 3, and beyond). The thing is, if you put a character in each layout, then those guys begin to add up. Suddenly, the camera is centered...between them all. At least, I believe that's what may be your problem.

    If so, instead make a object that the character is moved to at the start of each layout. Also throw up an even that checks if the character is in the level...if not, make one.

    Of course, that's not your problem however, you may need to elaborate a bit more.

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