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  • First, I'd like to say that Construct is great, and I hope the word continues to spread because I heard about it at random just a while ago, and it's exactly the kind of thing that I like.

    Right now I'm designing a platformer, and would like to use invisible TiledBG objects for collisions and sprite objects on top of them for display. However, I want to resize a TiledBG that is behind a couple of sprites. The problem is, I can't click on it; clicking where I can see it in the layout editor just selects the overlapping sprite objects, since it's within the sprite's bounding box. I could move the sprite object, then resize the TiledBG, then move it back, but that'd be mighty inconvenient; especially since I need the TIledBG to be resized to be as long as the sprite objects I've got laid out right now.

    So, my question is, how do I select something in the layout editor that's behind something else? If it helps, it's also on a separate Layer.

  • I thought there was a keypress-click combo that allowes you to select objects below the object you currently selected, but I forgot what it is

    Anyway, if they're on a separate layer, you could just hide/lock the decorative layer while you work on the collision layer. Click the eye and lock icons for the layer.

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  • Ah, thanks, locking the layers will work nicely. But if anybody does know the keypress combo, it might be worth noting, as I'm sure the issue will arise same-layer at some point. It'll probably just be less common, so less vital.

    Back to laying out level!

  • Hold Enter + left click

    That was it!

    It doesn't update the Properties bar until you let go the Enter key though, adding request to the tracker.

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