Layout 2 Crash

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  • ty for speedy fix

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  • I can see that you are very annoyed. That video with this thousands of % to load is a pretty funny error message though.

    At same time i dont understand why you get all the crashes. Me myself i have a crash on closing Construct, but because i run vista, the crash is handled flawless. Yesterday i had a crash on trying to frame an animation. But that is about it.

    I have no idea what's going on on your system. Could i see the .cap of with those 4 layouts ?

    There are some little things that i dont do anymore.

    Like, Copy a object, paste it into another layer, and delete the object on the layer where i copied it from. It looks like deleting the first object created with a certain sprite will be the object holding that sprite for all clones and instances. I am not sure of this. But i think thats what happens.

    I will not copy objects from 1 layout to another for the same reason.

    I will not copy layouts, because i feel its tricky. And i will try to do as much as possible in 1 layout. If i plan to make a openings screen, then i will create that opening layout with a temporary click trough to the next layout, where it all happens.

    Maybe you need to, when starting a project, make like 15 layouts at moment you create the direct X game ? 1 or 10 layouts to much will not hurt ?

  • Heh... 6000000% loaded... whoops...

    I need .cap files and reproduction steps to be able to fix bugs. I know you may find it frustrating, but it is also very frustrating for me, having put a lot of effort in to this program, and having a serious bug which is difficult to track down. So help me help you! Please do report every bug - and be as thorough with .cap files and reproducability as you can.

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