Layers and Collisions

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  • I've been experimenting with doing stuff based on objects overlapping objects in another layer and quickly came across something annoying.

    When one layer is set say.. to not scroll (like an overlay/hud layer) and you move around on the game play layer, collisions only occure where the objects would be if the layers scrolled at 100%.

    This doesn't seem right and I would guess it to be a bug, but theres also the possibility (as is common with construct) that it's intentional and I'm missing the setting that'll make it behave accordingly.

  • I'm pretty sure when it checks for collisions Construct doesn't look at where the layers are scrolled to, only the x and y coordinates of the objects.

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  • I don't think it's made for collision testing between layers with diferent scroll values at all. I think it's beter like it is now then if it would collide where the object is on the screen.

  • What possibly makes the current state more useful then it would be otherwise? Phantom collisions don't seem all that great -- as far as I can fathom, its pretty much useless save for some esoteric situaiton.

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