Layer Scrollrate/Zoomrate Issue [fixed]

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  • Using 99.92

    Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

    Create a layer and put something on it, like some walls and a player or something. Make the layout scroll to the player, and make it larger than the app window.

    Now create a second layer behind the first.

    Apply a tiled background or something to that, then adjust either the scrollrate or zoomrate for that layer... run app and see if it works properly , or if the attributes you adjusted also affect the first layer as well.

    It even seems to mess up the other layer if I put a layer effect on the second layer.


  • No takers?

    Still having this issue.

    Doesn't matter which layer I change, even higher layers will affect all other layers.


  • Works OK for me here. Tried the scroll rate at 25% & 150% and looks like it works as it should.

    Unless I've misread your post

  • I've just made a new cap out of frustration and it works just fine as well.

    Something appears to be horribly wrong with even the earliest version of my .cap file.

    The weird thing is, I made a GUI layer on top with a scroll rate of 0% and that works fine, but if it has any kind of number in there it screws everything up. :S


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  • Fixed the problem.

    Lucid helped me by checking it with fresh eyes, and found layer naming issues.

    It was a case of not paying attention to what I was doing. How unusual.


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