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  • I'm creating a windows app to launch my most used programs, part of it is to allow you to set your own path and alias. It works fine when you launch an actual program, however when I try to get it to launch a folder, the trouble starts.

    I use Execute File for both version, with different ways to set the path name.

    Executing a program uses a Global Variable and works just fine.

    To open a folder, I had to use Get Path. It either opens to the folder that my .cap file is in (not acceptable for when I cut out all my specific apps and make it available to the public)

    Or, if I use Set Path and then Get Path, it wants to open to one folder back from what it should open.

    Anyone know of a better way of opening a folder?

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  • Are you putting a backslash at the end of the path? C:\foo\bar is ambigious (could be a file named 'bar' in folder 'foo', and fail to find it, so use the directory 'foo' instead), but C:\foo\bar\ definitely refers to 'bar' as a folder.

  • That was just an attempt at a work around, I fixed the real problem of why some apps wouldn't launch right. I was getting the Alias to call from the wrong section. You can delete this thread if you want, thanks for the reply though.

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