laser beams (and slick termination thereof)

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  • hi all (wow its been a long time since I last posted!)

    I wanted to ask if anyone could point me in the right direction with this small dilemma.

    I'm playing with a simple 2d top down shooter, i wanted to try making a continuous vertical laser beam that shot from the player ship at the bottom of the screen upwards.. one that would smoothly change height according to the targeted enemies Y position .

    I tried using a stream of bullets that when hitting an enemy created another object for me to get a distance between the player ship and the enemy for the laser length, but when the enemy changes height, the end of the lazer beam tends to jerk about vertically due to the bullet collision, because the enemies need the laser on them for a while before they die, the vertical juddering is quite visible..

    I cant use a stream of bullets to do the effect straight off, as the laser sprite has alpha fading on it, so any vertically overlapping bullet parts make the graphic look bad.

    would anyone be able to suggest a smoother way of doing a vertical laser that terminates at the top smoothly according to where the enemy is on the y axis? I hope i've made myself clear...

    as always, thanks so much!


  • Would that help?

    edit: and if you need the laser to covers up more exactly at edges, click on "Bullet", while

    you are at the layout editor, left select Collisions(properties category) and select "point".

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  • man, that perfect, my apologies for not checking properly before hand..

    thanks so much.

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