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  • Hi. Please, sorry my english. It's level is really low)

    I'm making one logic game real long time. I was trying to use Game Maker, MMF, some other game-making programs, Visual Basic, Dark Basic and now - Construct 1.2. But i always have one problem, that i can not decide.

    Please, look at this:

    <img src="" border="0" /> <img src="" border="0" />

    This system must works with any count of mirrors and mirrors positions.

    Please, if anybody knows how it can be realized, give me example.

    Need your help very very very much))

  • Hope this will help you :)


  • Thanks, but not so easy)

    There are 2 lines in your example and 1 mirror. And if i want to add lines and mirrors, i must to add events in event-editor. It's not that i need.

    I need the algorithm, which create the lines (laser rays) according to exist mirrors. Differently, if I will change mirrors count and their location but will not change anything in event-editor, the laser must work all the same.

    I hope, my post doesn't look full nonsense))

    Russian forum has fallen and now I regret that badly learnt English at school)

  • But everything is in there. Just adapt it to your project. For every mirror create an out-beam just like I did in the example, just keep track of the id.

    Just enumerate the mirrors and out-beams and instead of my "Start of layout" event, use a trigger to create mirror and out beam.

    And instead of just setting the mirror values, use a "for each mirror"-loop.

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  • Nice example, tulamide.

  • Yes, you are right. I have absolutely forgotten that only physics visibility is necessary to me, not physics. I think, it is necessary at least to try to work in this direction.

    Unfortunately, it is fast at me difficult examination and while I cannot start to work over game.

    I hope, your method will approach. Thanks once again!

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