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  • Hi iam new. I have been using construct for while and i have finally decided to register on the forums. I have been working on a small game with a unique idea. Its going to be a small settlers clone played completly in 2d(it's called Moor). I know what most people think settlers is 2d. Well it is.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

    My idea: all the mourn,(player controlled people) will be viewable from the main screen, fisherman will fish in the fore screen,

    woodcutters will walk to a background layer and start chopping down trees,

    miners will walk into the distant mountain layer and mine away.

    The arrow keys will flip between the layers, simliar to a book. So you can see in detail what those distant miners are doing in the mountains behind those trees. I have only been messing so far, mainly with just the mourns, hunger, thirst.ect. I have looked around for someone who has tried to use layers in this way ,are there any examples of this around the community.

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  • You do not need to use layers for this but I'm not quite sure what your trying to put across but layers would be the sensible option in my mind. I think you could just run it as a platform game on multiple layers triggered in order by your keyboard but I don't understand how you are going to pull it off. I personally stick with 1 player platforming or 1 player or split screen top down games. Good luck!

    -Written on mobile, sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • You could use layers and Lucids new addition to the platform behaviour 'add/remove object to ignore list'

    So all the miners on the back layer would be working with a check for what layer they are on, and then adding all the collisions objects on other layers to the ignore list. And the same over for the other groups of people.

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