Klonoa style enemy grapple

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  • Hello all, dose anyone know how to make a Klonoa style enemy grapple? (For those of you who never played or heard of Klonoa) basically when you press the A button Klonoa has this short distance ring-like object that grabs enemies then position them overhead. When Klonoa has grappled an enemy he can the throw them to other enemies to defeat them. Also during grapple Klonoa can "double jump off the grappled enemy". However, I'm not interested in that feature just the grab and throw into enemies. Anyone would like to add in the "double jump off enemies feature" you are more than welcome and appreciated.

    Here a Youtube footage link of Klonoa for the GBA that can explain the feature more better.


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  • I'd just give each enemy a private variable that decides if you've grabbed it or not. When your projectile ring thing collides with the enemy, set the value to 1. When that value is 1, deactivate the enemy's behavior (or just create a new object and destroy the enemy) and position it to the top of your player. You can then have another value to tell the player if he's holding something or not, and change his animations.

    To throw an enemy or object just give it the ball behavior with gravity and, upon throwing, set it's x,y velocities.

    Sorry maybe not the best explanation but there isn't much to it!

  • Thank you it works!

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