Keyboard Event Firing At Same Time?

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  • First off, I'm sorry if there was a problem similar to what I'm having in the forums since I wasn't sure what to search for.

    I'm trying to create a simple game consisting of three controls: left and right arrow for movement and spacebar for interacting with objects and selecting choices. An object needs to be interacted with first (the player needs to press Spacebar when near an object) and then a set of choices will be presented to the player.

    The problem is that when the player interacts with an object that allows choices, the choice selection event fires at the same time, preventing the player from actually seeing the choices. (Both events rely on the spacebar being pressed though the choice selection also checks a global variable, ChoiceMode to be 1)

    The weird thing is that this only happens the first time the object is interacted with, and interacting with the object afterwards allows the choice selection to work properly.

    This is the .cap file: X

    Move the player near the yellow box and press Spacebar twice. Nothing happens the first time while it works the second time.

    The relevant event sheets should be InteractControl and ChoiceControl. Any help on this problem would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Never mind, I just decided to map the confirmation control to Enter.

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