keyboard controls imput question?

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  • hi, i've been through the platform school and i think i may be missing a step.

    I have put my sprites together under the animation tagged walking. hav'n trouble with how and where to import the keyboard controls.

    if this is answered in another topic. plz could you redirect me. I am really trying to shake off my noobyness so i can be as helpful as y'all are so thanx!

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  • Hi Balloon,

    And welcome to the forum

    I am assuming you are having trouble finding how to add things like mouse button and keyboard strokes as events. All you have to do is simply insert the mouse and keyboard object into your project in the same manner you add a sprite.

    It will be in the list of objects somewhere. Once added you will get the commands in the event editor that allow keyboard and mouse inputs

    Good Luck


  • thanks again!

    so now I have "mouse and keyboard" in the objects box and

    there's the headings




    and containers - what inside these areas should I be most concerned with?

    I'm understanding the attributes. Should I put my sprite (which i already made up all the sprites for running) that in the container?

    K iv'e gone to the event sheet editor I get conditions its just when I go to expressions i looks really jumbled up. what parts are most important there. so i could go "walk left is left arrow key"

  • For changing game controls, click Project in the lower right corner of the window to view the project bar, then click the name of your application near the top of that, then look at the bottom of the properties bar (on the left side of the Construct window). ... ructUI.png shows where the project bar, properties bar, etc. are.

  • thanks raccoon,

    i looked at the bars on the bottom right and all that was there was "animator" and "layers" no "project" or "resources" how do i bring those up?

  • Well, actually, that doesn't look quite like the layout of my install of Construct either. I think it's a screenshot of an older version, anyways.

    I just have Project, Animator, and Layers there.

    Try this:

    At the top left of the screen, where the ribbon tabs are, where "Home" is (it's next to Project, Layout, Objects, Events) -- click Home, then below that it should have a section labeled Bars. In that, I see: Layers, Project, Properties, Animator. Click "Project" once or twice. For me, that hides/unhides the Project bar and tab on the right side of the screen.

    Here's a screenshot, anyway:

    <img src="">

    Um, you might have to right click on it and view image. Or view this:

  • got it! helpful

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