Which is your way to keep events and structure clean?

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  • In my last small projects i'm using the "include event sheet" alot, dividing almost every piece of the game engine so i can change stuffs without much pain. It seems to work fine for me and i guess it must be a common strategy.

    But i was wondering how other people get their events organization while constructing (lovely verb!).

  • The best mode of organization will probably vary for each person due to personal preference, but the best way to do it in my opinion is to use tons of groups to simplify the appearance of code. So all the hero's code is in a 'hero' group, open that and there's 'movement', 'abilities', open that and there's a group for each ability.

    I find this manner of organization to be very easy to work with even in sheets with thousands of events. Otherwise it can get overwhelming with so much code. Simplifying it this way makes it a cinch to instantly understand what code does what and to quickly find what you're looking for.

  • Uh, that's a cool feature i totally ignored. I divided design "concepts" into different event sheets (powerups, for example, with all the events related to every element of the game that increases its power) but it was confusing anyway because of the lack of groups.

    You are one of the creators of that lovely wonderful game with the flying demon, right? Very nice job, well done.

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  • Nope, that's not my game.

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