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  • Hey There. I'm having trouble setting my character's jump animation. I want him to rotate while jumping I have the frames done, however when the character jumps it only shows one random frame of the animations. Do you think you can help me?

    Heres an image of the frames of the animation I want:

    Thanks in advance.

  • Do you have the animation speed too high?

  • No, in the contrary it was set to low, but I tried diferent speeds and for some reason (which I really can't understand why) it only plays the animation if the speed is over 60... Maybe it's a bug?

  • It'd be easier to see what the problem is if you posted your cap.

  • Sounds like you have other animations that are interfering. I can't say for sure since there's no .cap, but make sure your 'on ground animations' are in a sub-event that checks if the player is on the ground..same for in the air.

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  • I've tried to add sub events tu check if the player is on or not on the ground, but it's the same.

    Anyway I'll post here the .cap file:


    As I have it now the animation plays to fast because it is on 60fps try to lower the speed of the animation to 50 or even 59, it won't play.

    By the way, the graphics are having some kind of problem as you might notice. Maybe you could tell me why it is doing that?


  • Your walking and jumping animations are trying to play at the same time because you aren't properly checking if your player is on the ground or not. Adding sub-events with no actions doesn't help anything..

    You want to change them to something like

    +Player is on ground

    (sub event) Player is Walking : Set animation to walking

    (sub event) Player is NOT Walking : Set animation to Standing/Idle/Whatever

    +Player is NOT on ground

    (sub event) Player is Jumping : Set animation to Jumping

    (sub event) Player is Falling : Set animation to Falling

  • Lol yeah you're right. It works now thanks

    Btw, Is there an explanation for these?

    I know it's because these are TiledBackground objects, but why does it do that?

  • Not entirely sure, but when I changed the sampling from linear to point it was fine. If you plan on using pixel art, just change sampling to point in the project properties and you'll most likely be fine.

  • It worked

    It still does it a little bit sometimes but it's much better now.


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