I would like to jump, but i can't

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  • I'm starting a new project and encountered the problem with which I can not do, and bean trying to make it work since morning.

    1. I would like to make sprite jump, but the shadow stay in place -o bviously.

    I managed to do some "jumping", but the result is a terribly bad and not working when the "sprite" stands next to the wall. Have no idea how to set shadow to move x and y while sprite is in the air

    2. I do not know in which direction i should go when it comes to checking up Z posisions, for now every wall has its own private variable "z" for height and I want to check whether the height of the sprite jump is greater than the height of the wall. If so, sprite may jump on that wall. This is not a typical isometric game (3/4), so it should be a little easier.

    here's my current cap file.

    *.cap file

  • I went to take a look at your file but I got an 'Out of memory' error when I tried to load it...

    Off the top of my head, couldn't you do #1 by creating the shadow object and then using an Always event that sets the shadow object to the .X and .Y of the player? I wouldn't think being in the air would effect this, but it depends on how you are doing things.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help... I'll try to figure this issue out and if I can I'll get back to you.

  • that's strange... I reupload the cap without useless object

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  • Now it's giving me another error:

    An unknown error occurred while accessing an unnamed file.

    I'm not sure what's happening here :(

  • have no idea... theres only sprite, tiled bg, keyboard and mouse and audiere inside.

    downloaded this file from that link 5 times and everything's fine.

  • .cap is fine here.

  • I managed to do jumping!

    It works as it should be, shadow stays on ground and follow sprite even while jumping.

    Now i have to figure out how to make that jump smoother - transition between highest point of a jump and when it starts to fall.

    Still not sure about jumping on to the higher then ground platforms.

    here's the cap with fixed jump

    *.cap file

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