jump animation Problem

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  • Hi there, its the first time i Post on this forum!

    I'm really enjoying the cosntruct engine, but i'm just a very begginer in it

    i'm having a problem creating a megaman fan game..

    when i running and do other animation, the animation dont start by the first frame...

    is always the third or fourth frame...

    i tried to search on the forum, but i cant find the answer...


  • I cant quite understand what you mean. Please clarify =)

  • Well I'l Try...

    When I do the Action "JUMP", His animation don't Start from the Start(first animation's frame).

    this happens with any other action excepts the "Running" action

    Sorry, I never was good at explain my Questions

    and My english is not good...

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  • Take a look at the platform tutorials by Deadeye.

    You may need to use an earlier version of Construct (not sure which version you're using), but they should explain quite a few things concerning animation and platform behaviour.

    There are (supposedly) new versions in the making that makes use of the newer Construct features, but they haven't been released yet.

    I think that Deadeye is waiting for version 1.0 of Construct to be released, but I think he should release them now, and update them when 1.0 is released (seeing as he'll have to update them anyway if anything changes towards 1.0)

    What do you say Deadeye?


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