IWBTG style "Scrolling"

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  • I'm not sure what this scrolling is called so I used a game as an example. I wanna be the guy is a pretty well known 2d platformer, its scrolling is like this:

    You have a "Screen" which displays one part of the lay out, when you get to edges of the screen / beat it, it shifts your point of view to the next screen, usually beside the next one in the lay out, so the whole game is one big layout pretty much.

    If anyone knows what i'm talking about and can tell me how to do this that would be great!

    PS: IWBTG website: http://kayin.pyoko.org/iwbtg/

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  • Well, in Construct you would still have the "big layout" and to attain a scrolling screen you can center the view on the sprite, but if you want to do it in stages then you should create detectors or something similar at the edge of each screen so that when the player touches it, the screen shifts forward causing the player to be in a new area. If you dont get what I mean then I will try to make an example .cap for you.

    Edit: Speaking of IWBTG didn't the author of that end up on this forum once? If he is still here then maybe he could answer your question better

  • Do you mean something along the lines of the 2D Zelda games?

    "Big Layout" is by far the most intensive way of doing this, and it's not elegant. I have an idea that uses individual layouts.. I can work on it when I get off work late tonight.

    Can anybody tell me if the Canvas object can grab the screen?

  • Nope, it doesnt :/

  • Personally I'd side with using one large layout for something like this, and just scroll to the next place when you move past a boundary - it'll make editing the level a lot easier.

  • The reason I suggested that method is because that is how it is handled in IWBTG, the screen will scroll for certain areas while it will lock or stay still in another

  • So could anyone tell me step by step how to do this? I'm sort of new with construct.

  • Well you could have an object that is invisible and has "Center View On Me" checked in the attributes area, then you can have a private variable that can be (for example) either 0 or 1. After that you put in code that when the variable is 1 it follows the player (set X and Y to the players X and Y). I will make a .cap to show you and hopefully have it up before the end of the day...

    EDIT: Here you go ->

    DOUBLE EDIT: Sorry!!! my example isnt set up right (I only played IWBTG about 2 times before I gave up), what you would do in that case is set it so that the Camera object is jumped ahead each time the player touches the edges

  • Thanks I'll check it out.

    EDIT: Ok thanks, but I'm still not sure how to make it jump somewhere else (To the next screen). Sorry, I'm a noob to construct.

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