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  • So I'm really new to this but I've managed to get a basic platforming game created. I wanted to add ridable mechs that operate differently than the regular player (i.e larger, jump higher, run faster, better weapons). I have created an object with all of the behaviors I wanted but what would be the best way to make it so you can ride it once you touch it. Is there a way to switch the object which the player controls or do you have to do a sprite swap and then change all of the behaviors individually? If the second option how would you change the behaviors?

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  • It's easy to get a player to ride a mech in Construct. Both need to have the Platform behavior. At the start of layout, deactivate platform movement for the mech.

    Next, set an event for when the player touches the mech (say, on collision between player and mech). In a nutshell, the actions for this event should be as follows:

    1. Deactivate platform movement for the player.
    2. Make the player sprite disappear.
    3. Activate platform movement for the mech.
  • Thanks! That worked perfectly!

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