Issues with collision masks and text objects

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  • Hi everyone, I'm a new user, and I've been tinkering with Construct Classic for a few days. It's a really great game maker, but I ran into a few issues I can't resolve or find answers to them anywhere. I hope someone can help me:

    1) I can't make a collision mask for my sprites. The default is a red box the size of the imported picture in Construct's picture editor. When I destroy the collision mask (shift+click), and then click the collision mask button,the default red box reappears and acts as the collision mask.

    My sprites are imported .png files which are blurred on the outside from fully opaque to fully transparent, and the collision mask red box is the size of the file I import. I want the collision to happen not when the player collides with the blurred part, bat further into the sprite. Essentially, I want the collision mask to be smaller than the actual sprite.

    I've tried setting the collision property to both box and pixel, but it seems to have no effect on editing the collision mask in the picture editor.

    2) I have a text box that displays players score using a global variable which updates when the player picks up an item. It works fine when I run it inside Constructor. When I export to .exe, the text is not being displayed. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance!

  • 1) Shift-clicking reset's the collision mask to to what the image is.

    You need to erase the areas you want no collision.

    2) no idea.

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  • 1) Sigh. Now I feel stupid. How did I not understand this? I always assumed nothing was happening because I assumed that the sprite shown after clicking the collision mask button was NOT the collision mask, but the sprite itself being visible to enable you to draw the mask easier...

    This explains so much, thank you very much R0J0hound.

    2) Actually, this issue resolved itself mysteriously after I exported to a new file, instead of exporting and saving over an existing one. Is this a known issue? Or is it not an issue at all and I'm just misunderstanding everything again?

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