Issue with climbing animation

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  • Hey all!

    Just getting started with Construct Classic. Thought I'd get my feet wet by rebuilding the first levels of one of my favorite arcade game from the ground up. So far I haven't had any issues aside of the climbing animation being frozen. Occasionally the player sprite gets caught in the side of a solid tile while jumping... thats about it. I'll eventually handle the jumping to column detection differently but I did this all last night :) It's quick and dirty.

    Again this is for learning purposes only - I have no intention of rebuilding a game thats a) copyrighted and b) emulated across the board.

    Most of the links to tutorial files are broken when I've gone hunting unfortunately. I've found similar topics and they weren't quite the same issue I'm having. Any help is greatly appricitated!

    Here be me cap file :)

  • A lot of the links aren't working because files weren't transferred from the old forum. Try the tutorial list here, which provides links to them:

  • Thanks for the speedy reply Arima, I've been poking around in that list for awhile now - it's actually where I started checking things out in the first place. I'll continue browsing the list and see if I find what I'm looking for.

    Knowing me I'm overlooking something. I might need to set the event to only happen once while overlapping the column although that doesn't make sense either... I have it so if the character is falling to stop and load the climbing animation which it does, but it never actually animates it. So something is forcing it off even though I have it set to animate...

  • I've just tried your .cap and it worked fine. What exactly is the problem? BTW, remember to remove the 'tick' from scripting, if you're not using it.

  • Thanks for the tip, Zenox! I've unchecked the use script setting. The problem for me is that the player is not animating while climbing. He's stuck on the first frame of animation. So he's kinda sliding up and down the pole instead of climbing it.

    [edit] sorry typo'd your name :(

  • Fixed and updated a bit.

  • It works ok, I had to actually untick the loop from "climb1 - angle top" to replicate the problem.

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  • Yeah I actually made a detailed post last night twice about what I did and what I had to do and the forum would tell me I wasn't logged in anymore everytime I did it so I gave up and posted a quick update lol. There are glitches with the animation, I have to lock out the left and right controls when climbing up or down etc.

    The problem with the animation was typical, just another event blocking it from animating. I went through enough tuts and posts last night to get it. I added an invisible placeholder that the character attaches to in the second build. I was using per pixel collision detection causing some craptastic glitches when falling by platforms (shield was catching the edges). The placeholder is thin so when you column jump it centers much better instead of jumping to the center posisition on the pole.

    I'm getting the hang of it, it's only the begining of my third day. programing the attack routine should be fun :) I'm used to if then's and cases :)

    Thanks :)

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