Invisable walls.

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  • So ive build a 2d game and now when i last opened it, it seems to be invisable walls everywhere, only problem is that i havnt put any invisable walls anywhere. Anyone knows what i should do?

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  • There really is not much that anyone can do with such limited information chap! If you can post a .cap I am sure someone here will be able to sort it out.

  • Ok chap, I am not sure what is going on, but the problem is to do with the orange "ground" sprite.

    You have up to 15 instances of each ground section layered on top of itself. If you select "ground" from the object folder so all instances are selected, delete it, create a new sprite for the ground you will find it works fine.

    Perhaps you have resized the display at some stage, moved ground objects off screen somewhere( if you zoom back you will see stacks of objects off the right of the level, and when you delete all visible instances of the ground sprite from the level there is still 6 instances in the debug menu.

    Not the best solution I know. Would pay to try and organise things a little more carefully, name sprite, place them in specific zones outside the layout, keep tabs on how many are in the layout etc.

    Edit - The 6 "ground" objects are there, they are definitely the problem but I cannot get them to be visible, or selectable or anything like that.

  • I figured out what's going on, some of the ground sprites are on the "Non-Layout" layer. I'm unsure how they would get there, I can't reproduce it.

    The only way to access those objects is by events.

    Do this to see them all:

    + System: Start of layout

    -> Ground: Move to layer 1

    Or just add this event to get rid of them:

    + Ground: Is on layer "Non-Layout"

    -> Ground: Destroy

  • I had no idea there was a non layout, but with that info R0J0hound, I recalled how to get them. Click the ground sprite in the object bar so that they are all selected, grab one and drag it onto the layer 1, hey presto all the objects are now back on the correct layer.

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