Invert function when player is on the another side (SOLVED!)

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  • Hello.

    I'm using construct one month a bit more. And its an amazing software. Of course I have a few difficults with it, but nothing that I will boring you guys with it...

    But I got a deadlien for me:

    <img src="">

    basically its like a ghost enemy from mario world based.

    it work yes, but if I'm on the another side of the enemy I dont have any clue how to invert it.

    Will be nice if you guy help me with it.

    I dont find specific information about it. Sorry if its a repeated question.

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  • Hey thanks! Its solved!

    I just had time today to test it... But its more than solved!

  • But I'm with another problem, as it is not a floater obejct it stays moving when it's off the platform...

    I tried to put a object like a scene detail to get a collision, it stop but remain trying to go ahead and then it pass the object...

    THere's a solution for it? The code present in the example is this:


    I'm not so good with math or variables. I'm basically an artist.

    There is some code to stop it?

    EDIT: A wall WORKS!

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