How to make instruction for each same object.

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  • Hi.

    The problem here is that, I was making a stairs system, and I finished it (well it still have some bugs but I know I'll solve them). The problem is that I made the system for one object (let's say, Stairs1 object).

    So if I copy that object, the behavior is not the same. The player goes up but it is transported to the first object. So I thought on using "For each object" condition, but still, didn't work.

    Then I tried the trick with the enemies, I made a Sprite that spawns the stairs, but didn't work neither =/

    Is there a way to make it work? I don't want to copy the code for each object, but if this is the only solution, then I'll have to

    Thank you,


  • Your picking conditions are probably incorrect. You should at least be able to get it working with a For Each Object loop.

    Post your .cap so someone can see what's going wrong.

  • I can't post the cap, it's 1.84mb, that means, I have a lot of code inside, someone can stole it =P

    But I post the conditions, please tell me where to insert the 'For each object' condition:

    <img src="">

    Thank you!!

  • Nah, forget it. I'm not just going to guess what your events are doing from a screenshot.

    Reproduce the problem in a smaller .cap and upload that. Otherwise, someone else may be able to help.

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  • P.S. - Nobody is going to "steal" your stuff. If they wanted to make a Mega Man clone they could just make the events on their own whether they're looking at your .cap or not. And it's not like they're going to steal "your" graphics... they're already stolen from Capcom.

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