Installing Construct on web-disconnected computer?

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  • Hi,

    I have access to the internet (obviously) but my main computer is not connected. I tried to install construct on it and everything worked fine up until it got to the DirectX installation, at which point it said basically, "you need the internet to do this bit". I believe that version 9 (point something?) of DirectX is already on my computer, so I tried to run Construct, but it didn't work, claiming to need a dll which was pretty clearly related to directx.

    So, my question is, will it be possible for me to run Construct on that computer? Do I just need to get the latest version of DirectX 9 in order to do it, or is there another step involved? And if I do need a specific version of DX, where should I get it from?

    Any and all help much appreciated.

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  • If you have the latest DirectX installed already then you should be able to skip the DirectX install no problem.

    It's got to be 9.0c, I forget which month. August, I think? Anyway, the latest is November so that covers it regardless.

  • Yes, you can - you need the latest DirectX end-user runtime, because although you have DirectX 9, Microsoft release regular updates every few months, and Construct uses these updates.

    For convenience, the installer uses the web setup. You can get an offline copy from Microsoft, here's the link: ... laylang=en

    The download's about 86mb, another reason we use the web setup - Construct only uses a small part of that.

  • Fantastic! Thanks so much for your help!

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