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  • I'm using Construct Classic r1.2 and was wondering how I use the installer on the export dialog? It says create installer and has a check box next to it.

    What do I need for the installer to work? I check it but nothing happens.

    Thanks in advance

  • It doesn't work for me either. Although I can't really find the definite answer anywhere... I'm pretty sure that function isn't finished or simply doesn't work. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The answer is what you said - it's an unfinished feature and doesn't work.

  • ok thank you. I wonder if it will ever be finished?

  • CC is undeveloped right nowby the officials.

  • CC is still being developed, albeit slowly by the community, but at this time, the only one of us who has Prof-uis to work on the editor portion, and probably the only one the skill to work on something like the installer hasn't been active on the dev side for a little while now that I know of. but contrary to popular conjecture, development has not been halted, and a new version with a changelog comparable in size to r1 is awaiting building.

  • Consider it undeveloped since they had said this for several months.

  • Considering all the things CC can do, this feature is pretty much pointless anyway.

    Honestly with Rojohound's resource plug you can export files, create directories, and even update the registry.

    Need an uninstaller?. Yeah that too.

    Besides there are tons of free install makers out there.

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  • Urled: I'm one of the developers of the next version. There's definitely another version coming. Ashley's been busy being the sole developer of c2, but building the next version is on his todo list.

  • Thank you everybody for your comments. I can't wait to see the new version. Any ideas how long it may be before its released?

  • no idea johnstiles76, it's been ready for building for a while now. I have asked ashley recently, and he says soon.

    but I think it's basically a matter of setting back c2 development to release this (ashley is the only one who can build it), plus any unforeseen problems that might require a rebuild. from what he's said, it isn't like a simple 'press a button and it's done' thing, like building a plugin.

    it requires significant enough time and effort that it takes time away from c2, so he's probably on a roll with c2 and is waiting to reach a good stopping point.

    but yeah....last time I asked, it was still 'soon'

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