How do I inport music to Construct

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  • I have a problem with importing music to the program. I don't know how to do it, I'm looking for guidance and information is there but I can't add music because it shows me the message "bad chosen path." I'm using the "Start of layout", then I choose XAudio22 then choose the option play, or "play for music file". I have a .wav and .mp3 .ogg. I'm always add my music files to "Music" or "Sound" directory. I'm use lat version of Construct, not Construct 2.

  • *moved to the correct Construct Classic section, as nothing to do with Construct 2.

    Hopefully someone who still uses this (now retired) software will be able to respond in detail, but I have come across an old example that just referenced a folder of 'wavs' using the expression:

    AppPath & "\sounds\fastinvader4.wav"[/code:2vxh3oem]
    Maybe this is an idea you can try?
  • Sorry, but It's doesn't working...

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  • Download the Construct Classic examples kit in my signature, I think I have some sound file examples there. Otherwise you can also download the entire source to my I Had Hope alpha made in Construct Classic on that blog, which will definitely have code for playing audio from a file.

    In the example Zenox98 says, the music and sounds have to be in a folder called "sounds" that is at the same level as the game project file (.cap) or exectuable (.exe) when exported.

    Hope that helps!

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