INI-Plugin Write-String Bug?

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  • I've got the following Script in Construct 0.94.3:

    Which generates the following (wrong) output for the string:

    But the line "[b]LoadTeams=LoadTeams[/b]" have to be "[b]LoadTeams=Loading Teams ...[/b]"! It's a bug or?
  • Even in the INI.AppendString-Function the output is wrong. It will append the item, not the string! The value output of the Write-Value-Function is correctly outputed.

    This looks like a bug in the Plugin for the INI-Control. Maybe the wrong variable is set for the string-output.
    I would lookup and fix it in the Source-Code itself and upload patch for it, but the plugin-code in the CVS are binary!
  • This is fixed in 0.95, thanks.

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  • Thanks to to info.

    But shouldn't be the Plugins which are already in Construct be available as Source-Code so that the community can fix bugs or script new functions to these Plugins

  • Just one Bug which isn't resolved in Construct 0.95:

    INI: Write string "Loading Teams ..." to item "LoadTeams" in group "LoadingScreen"
    Text: text to INI 0 .ItemString("LoadingScreen", "LoadTeams")
    Which will output "LoadTeamsLoadTeams" instead of "Loading Teams ..."!
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