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  • Can anyone think of a way to advance the item line in the ini file without having to name the item specifically?


       item=Line 1

       item=Line 2

       item=Line 3

       item=Line 4

    Having Line 1 write to a text object, finish-prompt-timeout etc then line 2 writes to the text object.

    I am also having trouble understanding the expressions in the ini object. Some of them have details at the end that need to be entered like so,( in bold)

    INI.ItemFloat(Group, Item)

    But some of them don't,





    And I don't know how to interact with them. Do I need to add something on the end? Do I need to replace?

    INI.CurrentItem - This sounds almost like what I need, but I have no clue how to interact with it.

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  • here's an example using Ardsonides Deque plug from the Datasructures combo


    Plugs found here.

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