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  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone could please explain me a pretty basic system: an ingame tutorial.

    I have a set of 7 images, which have to follow each other up. So when you click an object (a NPC in this case), the first image has to show up, en when you click anywhere on the screen, the next one should follow. Then you can click for the next one, etc., up untill the seventh image has showed up: then the image has to disappear, making sure that the player is able to click the NPC again to start it all over again.

    Oh, and the images are 50% transparent, so when an image is on the screen, the previous ones have to be invisible.

    Thanks in advance and have a good day,


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  • Hi,

    I would do it as you already described, just laid down to events.

    At first I wanted to write something how to solve this, but then I decided to build a quick .cap, as this helps me most of the time. The functions you described are implemented in a most basic way, I'm sure more elegant solutions are possible.

    The .cap: ... xample.cap

    Best regards,


    EDIT: I just noticed that you wanted to have it more like a book, with the ability to click to the next site without disappearing. I suggest using animations for that. Set the animation speed to 0 and add every new picture as a frame of the animation. You can manually advance via "set animation frame".

  • Thanks for the effort!

    But I'm afraid I can't open your .cap file because of the version-issues of Construct. And I can't update either, so that's a bit of a problem...

    As for your EDIT: that's what I was trying to do. I did it like this, but it does not work. How can I make it work?

    (link because image is big)

    What I did here was create a NPC (Mitch). I first check if the player hasn't already seen the tutorial, and if not, then when your mouse is over Mitch, a balloon pops up above his head. When the balloon is visible (and above his head), you can click him to make the tutorial visible.

    When the tutorial is visible, you should be able to click anywhere or push any button to advance to the next animation frame, but that doesn't work. Is it because I use so much Subevents?

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