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  • I need some tips for making my Indie games website, I can't afford dream-weaver or server costs. I also need some Ideas for the design, should I keep it simple and easy to naviagate or cool and uh...yeah.

    I'm planning on making these pages on my website

    > Home:

    -Latest News/releases

    -Recommended sites

    > Games Page

    - Newest Release

    - Demos

    - Games

    - Reviews

    > Development Page

    - Free Game-design (help in game design) stuff (programs etc)

    - Development Journals

    > About Almost Insane Software

    - About The owner

    - Other staff

    - Legal stuff

  • You can make it simple if you want to. Try searching for a game site template somewhere on the internet. Also, I would recommend using Photoshop when doing buttons, navigation bars or whatever graphics you might want to use on your site's GUI. It is also important to have 1 "color theme". You don't want a viewer to see rainbows when visiting your site.

    There's also tons of free web hosting sites around there. Try subscribing to one. Lastly, there's also tons of free website builders for beginners and pros.

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  • Thanks for those tip Jayman! I'll be sure to put them to good use

  • You really don't need Dreamweaver! I started using a glorified text editor, and still do in all honesty. Visual Studio Web Developer Express is a free editor for HTML/CSS/Javascript, it doesn't really help you but for writing your own code it's great.

  • There are open source solutions that will help you create a complex website. Although I don't like them, there are Joomla and Drupal which are very basic and easy to use. These are called CMS or Content Management Systems.

    Wordpress is my favorite CMS because it I know how to use it and modify it to any website I'd like to have. It's also very user friendly.

  • Wordpress. Even a Wordpress blog is a great place to start--lots of layouts. I hear more and more people using Tumblr as well.

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